Spartanburg Herald Journal

July 15, 2009

Sweet Memories

Nick Belmont has fond memories of helping his grandmother cook up batches of almond chocolate toffee for Christmas or other special occasions. He enjoyed making it — and people enjoyed eating it — so much that he decided to offer his grandmother Dot’s confection to sweet tooths around the world. “When I was younger, she always made it,” Belmont said. “As I got older, she started showing me how to do it, and that turned into me making it for her. My mom and I decided to start selling it in 2006. We came up with the packaging and went from there.” Belmont cooks up Dottie’s Toffee in a small kitchen. There’s no “mass production” — everything is done by hand. “I don’t know if that makes a huge difference, but I would like to think it does,” he said. While Belmont cooks up more and more of the sweet stuff, he’s found himself eating it less and less. “I used to eat a lot when I first started helping her,” he said. “But once we started selling it, it was a little too much." The holiday season is usually the busiest time for Dottie’s Toffee. With summer coming up, Belmont said he wants to grow the business. He’s looking for Dottie’s Toffee to have its own storefront, and he’s considering expanding the company’s product line. He’s not sure what direction that will take him, but he knows it will include chocolate.