November 15, 2013

Shop Local

A Palmetto State native cooks up success with his grandmother’s holiday recipe!  

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December 15, 2013

7 Stocking Stuffers for Food Lovers

This sweet favorite sprinkled with almond flakes has the perfect proportion of crunchy caramel to Belgian chocolate. Better tuck away the cute turqouise tin– lest you gobble its contents in one sitting!

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TOWN Greenville

November 29, 2011

Sweet Legacy

Nick Belmont of Spartanburg stirs the family pot. There is perhaps no better gift than food. While we can’t drive it, wear it, or play with it (okay, drive it), it has the power to connect, to soothe, to heal—and to teleport. Food is a time machine. A certain smell, a specific taste, and you’re […]

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July 07, 2013


SPARTANBURG, S.C.– In a small shop in Spartanburg, Nick Belmont makes almond chocolate toffee—toffee, not taffy. “Toffee is a harder candy. It’s mostly sugar and butter,” said Nick of Dottie’s Toffee. Making toffee is pretty simple, just mix and heat sugar and butter until it’s just right. “Usually it’s until it gets to a certain […]

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Spartanburg Convention & Visitor's Bureau Blog

April 15, 2012

A Local Spartanburg Treat

If you are looking for a special treat that is “Made in Spartanburg”, then you must pick up a bag of Dottie’s Toffee!  What began as a delectable confection served to family and friends for generations is now available for all to savor. The recipe, perfected in Dottie’s kitchen, has been handed down to her […]

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Spartanburg Visitor's Guide

January 01, 2012

Personal Perspectives: Nick Belmont on Making Family Traditions a Business

For years, Spartanburg native Dot Smith perfected and made her signature almond-chocolate toffee for friends, family, and holiday get-togethers. Her love for sharing this treat was quickly absorbed by her daughter, Cindy Holland, and grandson, Nick Belmont — so much so that the two teamed up to found Dottie’s Toffee in 2006. “People know it’s […]

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Spartanburg Herald Journal

July 15, 2009

Sweet Memories

Nick Belmont has fond memories of helping his grandmother cook up batches of almond chocolate toffee for Christmas or other special occasions. He enjoyed making it — and people enjoyed eating it — so much that he decided to offer his grandmother Dot’s confection to sweet tooths around the world. “When I was younger, she […]

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